Capsule Kitchen

We begin in the kitchen with a super simple approach that you can customize to your own needs. And please... this is a helpful framework - but like anything - it's up to you to consider what you really need from your kitchen, and consider what you might keep in your kitchen simply because it is beautiful.

I have provided a handy checklist PDF for your convenience. Start by printing out the PDF, and then watch the video, then spend some time thinking about what you really need... then dive in. You've got this!

You'll want to have a few boxes handy for the things you decide to donate. I have tried at various times to sell kitchen items, and it's always ended in frustration. Using Craigslist and Facebook marketplace means I'm spending quite a bit of time connecting with someone over a small price item. I always find it much more pleasant to simply choose my favorite charity, pack it all up, and take it over to them. It saves so much time, and then investment is already gone anyway.

For items you're not sure about... here's a simple tip that I've found helpful. If you'll pack those undecided items and put them at a distance - like in the garage... then when you need them... if you *actually* need them, you'll go get them. If you don't really need them, you'll find a creative substitute. And that's when you'll realize you didn't need them at all. Keep those boxes a week, but at the end of the week, donate those things as well.

If you'd like more help with the kitchen, please see the Simplify My Life course bundle that includes the "Right-Size Your Kitchen" video series which is a long-form conversation about every single detail of your kitchen - especially as it relates to going tiny. And remember, I'm a retired chef and restaurant owner, so all of this stuff was very close to my heart at the beginning. Letting go has set me free! I want that same feeling of liberation for you as well!

The Capsule Kitchen Checklist by Carmen Shenk.pdf